Banjo Pig Animation

My friend Will Terry told me about the Dueling Banjo Pigs blog, where artists can submit their version of a pig or pigs usually playing a banjo. I’ve been wanting to submit one of my own. I started with this sketch:

My Once the vectoring work was done, I had my nephew show me how to animate it with Flash.

Using Adobe Illustrator I vectored the sketch:

And then my nephew Quinten showed me how to do the animation in Flash:

Sketchbook Pro and a Wacom tablet

It’s amazing how Sketchbook Pro imitates pencil lines. It’s a simple program, and fun to use.

In the top sketch I started with several smaller ideas, and as I developed them, they ended up almost fusing together in one.

In the bottom sketch I was thinking about an imaginary bully kid that is bigger than everyone else his age, and how he lives to terrorize the neighborhood.