Banjo Pig Animation

My friend Will Terry told me about the Dueling Banjo Pigs blog, where artists can submit their version of a pig or pigs usually playing a banjo. I’ve been wanting to submit one of my own. I started with this sketch:

My Once the vectoring work was done, I had my nephew show me how to animate it with Flash.

Using Adobe Illustrator I vectored the sketch:

And then my nephew Quinten showed me how to do the animation in Flash:

Ridgemark Revisited

The original design was approved by the client, but we ran into a few obstacles when it came to actually using the logo. They wanted to put the logo on golf merchandise, and some of the women in the organization wondered if there shouldn’t be a version of the logo that had a woman. There was also the fact that the hills started looking a little “cheeky” to me.  Bummer.

We ended up exploring a different direction which they liked a lot. It is non-gender-specific, and doesn’t have the problematic hills:


Sketchbook Pro and a Wacom tablet

It’s amazing how Sketchbook Pro imitates pencil lines. It’s a simple program, and fun to use.

In the top sketch I started with several smaller ideas, and as I developed them, they ended up almost fusing together in one.

In the bottom sketch I was thinking about an imaginary bully kid that is bigger than everyone else his age, and how he lives to terrorize the neighborhood.